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JXTION (ジェクション) というブランド

JAPAN + NEXT + ~tion  = JXTION

ブランド名は “次の日本に動作する” という意味の造語。
ブランドの根底にあるのは、日本の美意識のひとつであり、江戸時代に生じたとされる “粋” という概念。目に見える要素だけでなく、目には見えない要素も大切に。着る人が纏い、成ることがJXTIONのファッション。

The brand name is a made-up word, meaning “Creating a new trend and influencing on the future of Japan”
Be aware of Japanese culture and tradition which change with the times and try to feed them back into our products.
Among variety of japanese traditions, “Iki” is the most important concept
when explaining our Brand JXTION.
It means things you can see are not everything that are worthwhile. We value not only product itself but also the process of producing unvisible.